Google Summer of Code ended a while back. Me (and most on #gsoc) agreed on one thing – WHERE DID THOSE 3 MONTHS GO? Amazing time it was – thanks to _ke (Who is frolicking somewhere in Thailand right now), fargiolas and the rest of the GNOME guys (#clutter, #gstreamer and #gtk+ yay!) for making it awesome. #hackers-india was a great venting place too :)

Cheese‘s master needs quite a bit of work before it can be included in GNOME 3.0 – and I plan on doing most of that. It’s fun – demoing it at college is a huge hit. Looks like eventually, my original goal for Cheese might be met ;)

Right now, I’m decompressing, and basically not doing anything at all – except getting a bike, and sorting out some personal issues. Should be back coding (and blogging) soon. Have a huge post on GSoC experience coming up.