So, I now have a motorbike!

It’s a Bajaj Platina, and bought off GSoC money from my cousin Sudar. I’ve been learning to ride for a while, and it’s been good. Had my first accident a while back, and started riding again a few days back.

I’m still very conscious about riding. I still think before clutching, braking, changing gears, etc. It hasn’t been internalized in the same way typing on a Keyboard has been – with enough practice (and accidents!) I guess I’ll be able to just ‘think’ left and make my bike go left. Focus is also a major issue right now – I’ve to consciously keep reminding myself to check for everything on the road – it doesn’t quite come automatically yet. Enough time should fix this too.

So far I’ve logged about 12 km on the bike – and should be doing more pretty soon. The Platina is no performance bike – but it will solve my major problem of walking the last mile when using public transport. Will try posting more up-to-date ‘bike logs’ whenever I make significant trips.

Will post pictures when I have a decent camera – which should also be not far off.

Note: Real Bikers – don’t sneer. I’m just a noob :)