Keeping a running list of things I want to learn!

There’s also a list of things I want to build.

  • How to use org mode properly? Should I use it for notes over markdown?
  • Develop a deep understanding of how networks work.
  • How do linux network namespaces work?
  • How to run GUI apps with systemd?
  • What exactly is a ’tty'?
  • How does HTTP2 actually work?
  • How do X509 / TLS certificates work?
  • How to use cgroups directly?
  • Can I just use emacs terminals for all my terminal needs?
  • How does NFS work, and why is it so crappy?
  • How does ssh work?
  • How does mosh work?
  • How do contact lenses work? HOW DO LENSES WORK?
  • Can I simply run a local DNS recursor on my laptop for performance & blocking me from visiting the orange website?
  • What is SELinux? Why and how would I use it?
  • What is AppArmor? Why and how would I use it, over SELinux?
  • What is seccomp, and when/why/how would I use it?

If you know of resources that’ll help me learn these things, do let me know!