Dark and Stupid

I was finally able to order my Canon 550D from Flipkart. Their customer service was awesome – both on twitter (when the camera was out of stock) and via the phone after it was ordered. I ordered Cash on Delivery, and despite some minor issues with the delivery person (uhm, so I’m supposed to hand over 39k, and then open the box? What if I found a box of bricks?) – I got the camera within 3 working days of ordering it. Impressive. Flipkart is awesome :)

I also got the 50mm 1.8 (underhanded practice by flipkart – they say free and then bump up the cost to match. Didn’t matter in this case since I was ordering it anyway, but definitely not cool). Incredible lens. I haven’t even tried on the Kit Lens yet – playing with the 50mm has been so much fun. Will review both camera and lens once I’ve played with it enough.

Might renew my flickr membership soon – tried 500px but wasn’t good enough. Any other suggestions?