Very late one. I’ve been using this since last September (as those of you on twitter and following me would know).

It was on 2.1 for a long, long time – and even after 2.2 came out (first unofficially and then officially) I didn’t upgrade for almost a month (thanks to a missing usb cable and some laziness). I then upgraded to official 2.2, then one of the ‘Stock’ bootloaderless ROMs, and then to InDroid 3.0, then semi-bricked my phone (trying to install InDroid 4.0) and finally settled on Kyrillos.

In the spirit of Anna University, I’ll now list “Disadvantages and Advantages” ;)


  1. It’s reasonably slow
  2. GPS Does Not Work. There’s a hack to enable it, but still, geez.
  3. I’ll occasionally need to force close apps
  4. TweetDeck isn’t snappy
  5. Playing Angry Birds will give you a headache (super slow framerates!)
  6. Sometimes even the SMS app will be super slow
  7. Searching for contacts is a major pain
  8. SMS unread marking is incredibly awful
  9. SMS storage is limited
  10. GTalk can only use the first account synced
  11. Swpe very, very annoyingly keeps offering you tutorials every time you misspell a word
  12. Occasional Touch screen freezes
  13. Not quite usable in direct bright sunlight, even at full brightness
  14. Battery lasts for at most a day (I’m used to them lasting a few)
  15. Auto rotate is too sensitive, cannot be turned on
  16. Camera is awful
  17. Vibrate is nowhere near good enough
  18. Loses data connectivity at times, and needs to be restarted.
  19. Loses reception way too many times
  20. Never going to get official updates from now (Froyo itself was delayed by a few months!)


  1. Only 10.5k. This was when I bought it (~September 2010), so obviously newer/better phones on the market now. But when I bought it, this was the best value for money
  2. It’ Android

Considering all these, I still love my phone :D Moving from a ‘dumb’ phone to a smartphone was an incredibly life altering experience, and you can’t beat me into going back to a ‘normal’ phone again. Email/Twitter on the go is just awesome. I could’ve never afforded an iPhone – Android is the PC of our times :)

Remarks : CASH NOT REDAYann