Am migrating to per-day posts now. More granularity + I can fit more info in. The ultimate aim of the DevLog is to keep me on my toes and make sure I don’t relapse into no-productivity hellholes. Daily DevLogs should do a better job at them.

  • Spent some more time trying to get Kiwix to compile under OS X. Macports issue fixed, but more issues persist. It’s one damn complicated build system :| Not to mention that OS X sucks balls. Still no luck.
  • Moved my extension from GPoC to SelectionSifter, as picked by Sumanah (and remembered by Siebrand)
  • Added more content to my ‘How to become a mediawiki hacker‘ page. Outline in shape, needs content. (This is the page I am rewriting)
  • Cleaned up my userpage. Added stuff I’m working on there. Archived lots of older pages.
  • Published livetrains to GitHub. As expected Kishore cleaned it up a bit. Have figured out how to do the time modelling (Thanks lifeeth!). Should finish up when I get time