With me back to a place where I can be completely open about what code I am writing (yay!), I think it’s time I restart my devlog :)

Last time, I was using my old blogging engine, and hand-wrote them in a markdown file on my netbook. Things have changed a lot since then, and this time I’ll be directly writing/publishing them daily from WordPress

Dec 4

I finally grokked Indexes in databases. It all makes perfect sense now. Yay! (And this was thanks to being able to read on the Kindle, so yay for that too). Nothing productive done though.

Dec 3

Serious push to get livetrains project out within a few days. GeoJSON output done properly. Moved from OpenLayers to Leaflet.js on geohacker’s suggestion. Don’t regret that a bit. Also, coffeescript is fun!

I got to a point where I’ve got GeoJSON rendering routes. No live animation yet. Spent some time trying to find a easy screenshot saving app, found none. All the ones I found suck. Sigh.

Dec 1 – 2

Kindle arrived. Loading it up with books to read. SICP is good enough on it. Loading up as much as I can find about Hacker Culture/History.  Moved my entire vim setup to vundle. Not bad.