This week on Cheese….

  1. Performance enhancements. Sacrificed some startup time for much improved usage time. Viewing live effects are now a snap. So is selecting an effect. We went in some cases from ~15s to <1s. Thanks to Tester (and other folks) at #gstreamer for helping out :)
  2. Paging of effects. Effects are now in pages of 9 each, instead of a huge scroller area.
  3. Applying effects without stopping the pipeline. Makes things much faster.
  4. Implementing the popup menu for thumbnails.

We’ll be making a release anytime now :)

All of last week’s goals were met, except the code cleanup. It will probably have to wait after release.

As I type this, there are 6 blockers before we can make a release. Will make a post when we do a release, hopefully with a screencast too!

Next week is kinda unpredictable – I’ll douse fires as they arise in the code (reported by people who hopefully test the release), and also work on reducing the length of items in the TODO.