Third week of the Summer of Code is over! And during this week….

  1. Successfully wrapped up the core cheese functionality (libcheese) with a vala wrapper
  2. Made Photo Mode work
  3. Made Video Mode work
  4. Made Burst Mode work
  5. Made cheese single instance using libunique
  6. Started work on cleaning up GConf code.

In last week’s report, I mentioned that I didn’t quite like my pace of work. It is still the same (approx. 3 hours a day on average, excluding overhead) – but I’ve come to accept that it is okay. No more bitching about it, as long as I’m meeting my goals.

Last week’s predictions were to complete libcheese wrapping, photo mode, video mode and burst mode. Set goals accomplished with ample time to spare – time that was spent trying to get countdown animations to work (still haven’t managed), and make cheese single instance. I under-estimated last week – should improve accuracy.

By next week, I hope to have accomplished…

  1. Fully functional preferences dialog box
  2. Countdown animations
  3. Full GConf integration (i.e. remember all your preferences)
  4. Full blown keybindings (Basically <Esc> to cancel, since the others are already implemented)
  5. Trash/Delete implementation

It would have everything Cheese 2.30.1 has, except for Effects.

And what did I learn this week?

  1. RTFM. Again. And again. THEN ask on IRC.
  2. How to use gdb. I’ve only cursorily used it before – but digging into it deeper now (thank you, segfault!)