Second week of the (rather hot and sweaty) Summer of Code is over! And during this week….

  1. Replicated most of the UI of Cheese
  2. Learnt how to make C and Vala code co-exist (Thanks folks at #vala!)
  3. Made the thumbnail widget work, in both modes/orientations
  4. Implemented fullscreen mode, with autohiding of the action buttons
  5. Started modifying parts of libcheese to support clutter for video output

In last week’s report, I mentioned that I didn’t quite like my pace of work. I still don’t like it – Hamster reports I’ve spent 15.2 hours since Monday on Cheese, which is just about 3 hours a day! Totally unacceptable, and I’d like to increase that number considerably.

Last week’s predictions were for libcheese integration, UI replication and Thumbnail view implementation. I’ve finished the last two, and have made a start on the first. Needs improvement.

By next week, I hope to have accomplished…

  1. Working video preview showing up!
  2. Photo taking works
  3. Video taking works
  4. Burst mode works

Basically, it would be usable. In a basic way.

And what did I learn this week?

  1. Don’t try to be too clever. Clear Code > Lesser LoC.
  2. Ask first. Verify assumptions.
  3. Just because something can be rewritten, does not mean it should be :)

On an unrelated note, my sleep cycle is totally messed up – I’ve been sleeping at 6 AM and waking up at 2 PM. Sunlight feels weird to me. I haven’t been able to do my biweekly bicycle rides :( I should also try to fix that before the end of next week.