I posted a while back that I moved to Arch (from Ubuntu) on my Netbook. That was almost two months back. My Arch experiment, sadly, didn’t work out for long. I moved back to Ubuntu within a couple of week’s time. Why?

  1. Lack of binary packages. I had to build quite a few packages from source because there were no binary packages available. The tilting point was when I figured there were no binary packges for mit-scheme! Ofcourse, I could’ve just used AUR and built them from source, but…
  2. Building from source on my Netbook sucks. ATOM + Slow Hard Drive -> I’m nuts waiting for stuff to compile. The AUR is basically useless to me.

Hello Ubuntu! (I also hate Unity ‘coz it takes up precious screen space – might move to something else soon)

TL;DR: Arch doesn’t have enough binary packages and building on a netbook sucks