I wanted a single keyboard shortcut that would let me switch between the built-in terminal and the editor in vscode. I couldn’t find any, so I made a short macro using the VSCode Macros Extension

First, you define your macros in settings.json. You can open up vscode settings with Cmd+,, search for macros, and edit this under Macros: List.

    "macros.list": {
        "showTerminal": [
        "hideTerminal": [

Then you can bind a keyboard shortcut to it. Open Preferences: Open Keyboard Shortcuts (JSON) from the command palette, and add this:

        "key": "cmd+t",
        "command": "macros.showTerminal",
        "when": "!terminalFocus"
        "key": "cmd+t",
        "command": "macros.hideTerminal",
        "when": "terminalFocus"

showTerminal gets called when you are focused anywhere in the editor except your terminal, and hideTerminal gets called when you are focused on your terminal. This gives me the ’toggle’ behavior I want.