This person misses blogs a lot. So do I. I made many frients, built myself a platform, and expressed myself in ways I do not feel like I can anymore on my various blogs. Some of them are lost to time, but some are there if you know how to find it.

Part of it was where my life was - I had time, nobody physically nearby I jived with, and a lot of angst. But now, I have too little time, and too many (hah!) wonderful people I enjoy interacting with on a 1-1 basis, nearby or not. Plus, with the death of blogging platforms (Medium is a publishing platform, not a blogging one), content is harder to find. As the author points out,

The other day I searched for an hour and couldn’t find even one. They used to be endless. You’d just click on one you knew on Blogger and either click Blogger’s random blog button, or go to the sidebar of the blog you knew where they always had a list of blogs they liked, sometimes four or 5, sometimes 20 other blogs. And the same with Tumbler.

Technorati is dead, and there isn’t anything like it. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Medium, etc are no replacements for long form text insight into someone’s lives. They have brought the internet experience to way more people, but I feel like they have taken something away from me.

I guess this will be one of those blog posts that end with me saying “I will try to blog more” and then there are no more posts for the next few years :)