SumaStorm was my desktop computer. She died a slow, silent and agonizing death over the past few months, which came to light only today. Due to my neglect, she is dead today.

I built SumStorm with my own hands, bought with my own money (thanks to several amazing people on the web) when I was 16 or so. It felt amazing when I first booted it up. It felt amazing when I maxed out all its cores running distcc with my netbook. It felt amazing that I could run Photoshop in a Win7 VM on Ubuntu and not feel a stutter.

It was an amazing machine.

I felt horrible when I realized the extent of the damage the rats had done. This must be how kid feel when the pet dog they grew up with dies. When run over by a tank. Which the kid was driving.

I did not know I could be this attached to a machine. It turned out to be a very emotional few hours.

RIP SumaStorm. I’m sorry.