I moved from emacs to vim a while ago, and have been steadily accumulating a series of plugins in my .vim. They’re all up in my rather messy dotfiles repo. Here’s a slightly more neatly organized list of the plugins I currently use:

  1. command-t – File opener and buffer switcher. In-fuckin-credibly useful.
  2. vimpress – What I use to blog since moving to wordpress.
  3. matchit – Lets % work with html tags
  4. commentary – Generic commenting and uncommenting script NERDCommenter has replaced commentary due to being more flexible and having more options.
  5. fugitive – Incredibly awesome git wrapper for vim. I rarely go to the commandline for git these days
  6. tagbar – Useful code-exploratory plugin when I’m looking around a codebase trying to familiarize myself.
  7. supertab – Buffer completion in insert mode only when I need it.
  8. gist – Put stuff up in gist to pass it around
  9. BufClose – So I can close a buffer without messing up my splits
  10. extradite:Glog replacement that builds on top of fugitive. I don’t understand why this isn’t bundled with fugitive
  11. TwitVim – Yes, so I don’t have to go to the browser (and be consumed by chat/reddit/hn) just to post a tweet.
  12. ack.vim – Ack integration for vim. Do yourself a favor and use ack instead of grep.
  13. Syntastic – Automatic syntax checking so that I don’t miss a semicolon and not know about it
  14. php-doc – Insert boilerplate PHP doc compatible strings in my PHP files whenever I want to. Very PHP specific, need to find something that works across languages. (Note: This plugin has quite some identity crisis. It’s named PDV but it’s filename is php-doc. Since php-doc is more descriptive, I’m using that)
  15. delimitMate – Automatically closes quotes, parens, braces, etc for you. I initially thought this would be super annoying, but in fact it is rather very pleasant.

I’m also on the default desert color theme – haven’t found anything better. Suggestions welcome – both for the color scheme and for new/replacement plugins. After trying out wombat and jellybeans color schemes, I have settled on wombat for now.

Suggestions for more plugins still welcome :)

This is the list as of 24 Aug 2011. Updated as of September 2 2011 (added 10, 11, 12 since last update). Updated as of September 5 2011 (changed 4, added colorscheme change). Updated as of September 12 2011 (added 13, 14, 15). I am moving quite fast, am I not? Will keep this post updated as and when things change.