I moved to Vim from Emacs a while back. I realized I was not using emacs to its fullest extent – I was using it as ‘just a text editor’, and alt-tabbing to gnome-terminal for most of my work. I was using one tool per job anyway, so why not go all the way and use a text editor for a text editor instead of yet another operating system :P

Also, and perhaps more importantly – on my rather small Netbook, pressing combos felt awkward to me (I know it shouldn’t have, but it did). Much better (atleast so far) with vim than Emacs. Since most of my coding these days seems to be done on this small and underpowered machine, and my wrists were hurting anyway, I switched.

Muscle memory is still set to emacs (hit C-k several times when it should’ve been d$), but I guess I’ll eventually get back to being fast enough in vim :)

Last time I was on vim, I was just getting used to Linux, and switched to emacs a few months after. I wonder if I’ll switch again in the future.

TL;DR: Moved from Emacs to Vim ‘coz I felt like it.