I mentioned this in passing in my earlier post, and was tweeting about it quite furiously – I’ve been selected to work on Cheese for this year’s Google Summer of Code :D

Link to my, uhm, cheesy proposal

What Now?

Getting accepted doesn’t mean shit. Actually finishing whatever I was supposed to within 3 months does mean something – especially since I’ve taken on quite a bit of stuff to do (Move to new language + 2 new features). I’m quite the n00b – first time I’ll be doing just one thing over 3 months. Will be setting up a way of monitoring progress (probably via set milestones) soon enough. Will keep this place posted :)

Also, say Hi to my mentor daniel siegel. Him and fellow cheese-dev Flippio Argiolas, who were extremely helpful in getting my proposal whipped into shape (It’s a gist, so you can see how it eveolved over time).

The Oscar acceptance style blog post will be turned in once the three months are over and the newer, improved Cheese is accepted as good enough :D