I’m on my longest GitHub Streak this year – currently 20 days (was previously 18 days). That means I’ve had at least one commit (though usually more!) each day for the last 20 days. Sounds much easier than it actually is. Wanting to keep my streak unbroken is also making me write more diverse code – I think those 20 days feature code in Javascript, Python, Java, PHP and Python. It’s also distributed across a lot of projects – at least 8-9 different ones on last count. Streaks are helping me a fair bit! Getting the first commit of the day is the hardest – seems to get easier to keep things after.

So I’ve beat my previous streak length for this year (18 days). Next step would be to get over the awesome/scarily productive legoktm’s longest streak (29 days). Eventual goal would be to match ori-l at some point in productivity.