I had my first ever dream in binary today.

The cycle moved like this:

Borg -> nanoprobes -> a scene in Minority Report when nanobots go around looking for John Anderton (Tom Cruise), who was hiding in a bathtub full of water -> Will Smith and his Dog cuddling in a bathtub in I am Legend -> the climax of I am Legend when Will Smith blows himself up to save the others -> A column of binary numbers came up, showing state of Will Smith as ‘SAD’ AND MSB FLIPPED TO ZERO, and then he has this epiphany (Realization of God Moment) and becomes ‘HAPPY’ and the MSB FLIPS TO ONE.

WTF? Shouldn’t he be sad when the MSB is at one (Negative) and happy when it is at zero (Positive)?

Note for Non-CS folks: MSB -> Most Significant Bit, the left-most bit in a binary sequence. Usually, setting it to zero means the number is positive, and setting it to 1 means it is negative.