Woohoo, 2015! :) Let’s see if I can keep this going this time :)

  • Have started taking weekends slightly more seriously. My brain feels less overwhelmed after that. Should take weekends even more seriously going forward.
  • Merged labsdb-auditor rewrite patch. Code clean enough for my tastes now, although not documented enough. Lots of back and forth CR with valhallasw was really nice – it’s something I’ve been missing for the past few months. Debating over style and cleanliness was also interesting. Felt like I had been taking code cleanliness and proper design not as seriously as I should have, and this is now time to change that. Also spent time consciously thinking about the commit message I was writing, and shall continue doing that. I think I’ve taken a few things for granted wrt code quality and design, and should be more careful. And learnt a few more tricks about decorators (haven’t built decorators that are parameterized before).
  • Read a few chapters of Real World Haskell. Quite nice, although the syntax feels a bit too dense for my tastes. Still should maybe write things with ChickenScheme instead :)
  • Continuing re-reading Coders at Work, which continues to be a thought provoking, wonderful book.