I’ve started keeping devlogs, recording everyday productive activity in an attempt to publicly shaming myselfinto doing something productive everyday. This is the delayed february editin

Links: 32HourStartup, PiTiVi, TEDxSSN

Feb 26

Initial work on Busroutes.in wiki import script.

Feb 25

Audio Save Dialog mostly works now.

Feb 23

Started implementing Audio Name dialog box in PiTiVi. Dad fixed laptop – new Ethernet port, and working speakers.

Feb 22

Started doing layouts for WhyKCGRocks.com

Feb 18 – 21

Spent at NIT Trichy. Gave GNOME Talk. Started on briclient. Discussed various models with Kishore (for the wiki). Helped lut4rp compile gstreamer. Started contributing to PyLINQ

Feb 16

Worked on pitivi a bit more. Once recording is done, the track gets inserted into the timeline.

Feb 15

Worked on pitivi a bit. Moved recording inside main pipeline itself. Started #chennai-hackers for people from Chennai who are planning to do GSoC. Madhu, Karthik, Arun, Bala, Feroze on it so far. Fun!

Wrote a simple color changer in gtk that is controlled by the wii. Roll controls hue and pitch controls s and v. Fun!

Feb 9 – Feb 14

TEDxSSN, Banagalore, etc. Nothing got done.

Feb 8

‘Open House Project Day’ demo at college. Showed off gstreamer based video streaming via nn ad-hoc network, then wii+torcs. Fun with gibberwocky :P

Feb 5-6

32HourStartup. Ran around helping people out. Worked with Karthik and Madhu on a PHP/FB app. Fun :)

Feb 3-4

More 32HourStartup stuff. Busroutes.in still down.

Feb 2

Read ~100 pages of the libc manual. Worked on badges for 32HourStartup.

Busroutes.in is down. DNS issue. Out of our control – We’re trying to bring it to our control.

Feb 1

Wrote ‘Functionalish’ C# to be posted in response to the Accumulator in Java thread at fpug-c. Haven’t posted it yet.