1. Redid Blog template. Recategorized all blog posts
  2. Finally enabled mobile banking on ICICI. Still need 8 days for Internet activation. Sigh.
  3. Ordered HyperJuice 60W battery + Airline Adapter
  4. Read through the WPBannerMeta template (and its subtemplates), figured out where to get the assessment markers in. Poof that was hard. These templates are perfect examples of ‘hacks’ – initially ‘designed’ for templating text, they’ve grown into homebrew programming languages that are worse than PHP. True evolution :)
  5. Read through, replied to very detailed questions about MW development from the KovaiGeeks folks. Both me and Sumanah were amazed at the enthusiasm shown. Should be one fun workshop!
  6. Fixed arbit bugs in in SelectionSifter, moved away from anything in QueryPage
  7. Started using SparrowApp and WunderList. Amazing they are.