1. Added UI for AssessmentLog [SelectionSifter]
  2. Removed lots of dead code in SelectionSifter.
  3. Went to Bangalore Wikipedia Meetup. Was nice meeting people I knew online face to face. Talked about yenWikipedia, and learnt a lot about how article selection for offline wikipedia is done.
  4. Shot myself in the foot multiple times (over use of empty(), incomplete commit summaries and a tab/spaces issue). I’m rusty and it is showing. Shouldn’t be a problem anymore, though – because of you-know-what.
  5. Built myself a local copy of mediawiki docs. No more annoying huge-images.
  6. Got myself the solarized theme. And increased font size to normal levels (13pt). My eyes thank me.
  7. Fixed timestamp related bugs in SelectionSifter.