Missed DevLogging for a while.

Am in London now.

  • Started using a spare Majestouch Ninja 2 over my regular Kinesis Advantage. This is way more portable, and my hand does not seem to be hurting while using it (so far only about 4-5 hours). If this keeps up, I should be able to move to a similar smaller keyboard over the much bulkier kinesis. There’s still a little bit of discomfort, so I’ll probably want a very portable and mechanical split keyboard. Can’t sadly seem to find any, though :( Maybe I should just build one with an arduino :)
  • Setup icinga checks for puppet failures and disk space issues on betalabs, and fixed a bunch of issues/docs in our icinga puppet code during that time. This still doesn’t properly work since our implementation of check_graphite does not support wildcard metrics properly – it should check thresholds for each series, but it seems to do that only across the entire series combined, which is kinda useless. Should fix that soon by adding more features to it. Also might try out other alternatives to icinga, since our icinga puppet code is a fuckball anyway.
  • Fix a couple more Quarry bugs. There’s still a random bug where celery seems to be attempting to read data about a query run from mysql before the web has committed it, which is theoretically impossible (I do a commit before sending the task to celery with the id), so I suspect some mysql fuckery. Will need to debug that sooner than later, and also consider moving to postgres. But then Quarry will have to deal with SQLite (for result storage), MySQL (for connecting to labsdb) and with postgres for local data, which sounds insanely complex. I also added CORS support to resultsets, and Magnus is playing with it (wooohhooooo!!!). I’m going to add more features to make it easier for people to use results from quarry in their JS applications elsewhere. Should be fun.
  • Finished videos for the first week of the Coursera Data Analysis and Statistical Inference class I’m taking. Started poking around R since the labs for that class are from R, should be fun.
  • Chad has started his devlog. He does search stuff at Wikimedia and is a co-whiner about all things Java. Do check out :)

Am away on ‘vacation’ till Wednesday, yay! :) Should disconnect well.