Not very code heavy

  • Couple of pull requests(#1 and #2) for the Atom Autosave plugin. One adds a preference to not autosave by when you are explicitly closing a window / pane, and the other just sets the ‘enabled’ preference to default. CoffeeScript isn’t too bad either! I should consider writing more plugins (I currently use Atom for CSS/JS/Puppet, should try other languages)
  • Added CSV, TSV and JSON download options to Quarry. There’s another Webinar tomorrow by the Grantmaking team, and J-Mo asked for it. Streaming TSV and CSV implemented in a neat way, will write a blog post tomorrow about it.
  • Started work on a ‘number of editors’ per country metric for WPDMZ, needs to be finished up.

I feel a bit exhausted (physically and mentally) from the intense coding over the last few weeks, might have a few chill days to recharge myself. I’m growing old! :(