Haven’t done these in a while, let’s see if I can get this back on the wagon!

  • Discovered the WikiChatter library (thanks to @halfak!), and using that in my Teahouse analysis notebook. Far better than writing my own parser and fighting with that. Lets me get on with the actual fun stuff I wanted to do (which is the actual analysis)
  • Learning about pandas, checking out matplotlib, bokeh and wordcloud libraries to use in the analysis. Have included matplotlib and bokeh (and with it, pandas and numpy) in the default libraries list for PAWS, and also fixed permissions so users can pip install stuff themselves too.
  • For context, I’m trying to do an analysis of the English Wikipedia Teahouse questions archive, mostly as a way of showing off what PAWS makes possible.
  • Also spent a good chunk of the day regretting previous life decisions. All temporary however – nothing irreversible was done, which is wonderful. Should figure out how to reduce likeliness of similar events happening in the future.
  • Docker build times on my machine are pathetic, both because of slow network (USA! USA! USA!) and cheap laptop. Need to find a proper solution to this soon.