Here we go again.

  • Wrote a small blog post talking about how to package python packages as debian packages.
  • More work on getting Graphite setup for Wikimedia Labs. Everything is up and running now (after a number of embarrassing typos). Need to figure out NAT rules to let labs machines talk to labmon1001, and then it can start receiving data!!!1
  • Got access to Wikimedia’s Hadoop cluster, and ran my first HIVE query ever! This is exciting :)
  • Made packages for pygeoip and ua-parser. Having to make both trusty and precise packages was fun. I ended up building them on separate machines, but am sure there’s a simpler way.
  • Started doing some SQL about editors from different countries. Did you know that there are 2x as many edits to english wikipedia from India as from Germany? And that Wikidata has had 10x as many edits from Toollabs as from Germany (the largest contributing country)? I didn’t either! This is fun.