I’ve started the habit of opening up a devlog post each morning and just filling it up as I go along. Let’s hope I can keep this up :)

  • Merged a couple of Android patches. The app is getting better every day without too much involvement from me, and yay for that :) I’ve gotten closure over the Android app – it was fucking terrible, and now it is quite awesome. Need to write another post about that.
  • Fixed annoying bug with mysql connections being reset in Quarry’s query runners after a few hours. I had fixed this earlier when I was using pymysql directly with reconnect(ping=True), and assumed that switching to SQLAlchemy would’ve fixed it for me automagically. Apparently not. MySQL Y U SO BAD?
  • I have sudo access on labmon1001 in prod! First Wikimedia production cluster machine I have root on, and will spend time over the next few weeks setting it up to run graphite. Should be fun!
  • Getting slightly better at packaging python things. Packaged python-txstatsd with no lintian errors, and only a couple warnings :)