Code I have written so far:

  1. HiSlain: A static blog publishing system (NOT A DJANGO BLOG!). Runs this blog
  2. wtfimb: The code that powers
  3. frailgrey: Markov Chain based page generator (pretty lame, actually)
  4. GoodFather: Collection of utils for web data scraping and storing
  5. reappy: A Twitter Search Application Framework
  6. SadIvy: A pure WSGI URL Shortener

Now, I’ve been doing a shit job of documenting them – none exists. Nor of writing tests – none exists. That should hopefully change soon :)

HiSlain and reappy are where I’m going to concentrate my efforts on for the next month or so.

Task List for HiSlain

  • Refactor code, clean it up so it doesn’t look like proof for the Infinite Monkey Theorem
  • Add support for raw, unmanaged pages
  • Port a decent looking, simple theme to HiSlain
  • Write some tests, and refactor the code to make it more testable

Task List for reappy

  • Write a real application with it, so bugs can be fixed in the process
  • Write some tests and refactor the code to make it more testable
  • Examples.

And ofcourse, new sub-pages over here for both of them (atleast). Stay tuned!