Yuvi Panda

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Things I need time to do

  • Put on muscle/reduce weight.
    • Master jQuery
    • Learn CSS
    • Process photos and put them up on flickr
    • Put up college’s (awesome) dance videos on Facebook and Youtube
    • Go out more.
    • Fix my glasses. Get ontacts if possible – or change my frames.
    • Write stats posts. Develop goodfather
    • Add a plugin system to HiSlain
    • Publish a paper or two! (yeah, I know)
    • Blog more (duh)
    • Go out more.
    • Learn to bike (of the petrol eating variety, that is)
    • Go out more
    • Photograph more
    • Kick everyone’s ass in studies (I can do that this sem, we have 3 CS papers!)
    • Did I mention I need to get out more?
    • Learn a new language. Java or C++. I’m leaning towards C++.
    • Make my college more awesome than it already is :)
    • Oh, and ofcourse, I need to get out more :)