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Cheese GSoC Report – Week 8

This week on Cheese….



Cheese 2.31.1 is out. It’s a dev release. Does not have zarro boogs.

But it is a release!

This week, we

  1. Fixed several perf bugs.
  2. Fixed some weird preferences dialog bugs
  3. Filed (and eventually had fixed) a bug in GStreamer.
  4. Fixed a regression
  5. Beautified the UI a bit (text name overlay of effects, etc)
  6. Assorted administrative work to prepare for release (Copyright

    updating, merging back into master, etc)

I also passed my mid terms :)

Next week…

  1. Remove dependency on Mx Toolkit (it is not a blessed dependency,

    and i’m not using large parts of it anyway)

  2. Performance improvements, especially at startup time. It is taking

    waaay too long .

  3. Fix problems in video mode.

  4. Make the TODO list shorter.