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Best talk ever?

(Funniest, at least!). Well worth the 27min watch.

Shitty Web advertising #1


The message icon was flashing obnoxiously. I wonder how much money CNet made off that.

I don’t notice these on desktop thanks to Adblock. Should set it up on my phone too.


This AskReddit thread about a HIV survivor (is that even the right term?) is heartwarming. SCIENCE!!!

“If you help block Ads, you should be in prison!”

I don’t understand how ad-blocking is even legal. It’s like stealing – stealing content for free, IMHO there’s no difference between stealing MP3s and news or any other content. There’s some kind of user agreement between websites and its users – “you can use our site for free, but you have to watch the ads”. Adblock violates this agreement. The people responsible for this should be in prison, they’re thieves. And I’m pretty sure the time will come they will.

From HN


Die ’80 cols or die!’ guidelines!

Python’s PEP8 has just been changed to no longer recommend sticking to 79 columns! The new text says:

Aim to limit all lines to a maximum of 79 characters, but up to 99 characters is acceptable when it improves readability.

It would be nice to not have any such set limits at all, and just depend on programmers not being insane, but this is still an improvement!

Sprinkling some Douchebaginess in code

After being frustrated at Java’s lack of a generic ‘callback’ type, I created this interface:

    public interface ContributionUploadProgress {
        void onUploadStarted(Contribution contribution);
        boolean isJavaAPieceOfShit();

And randomly throw around (with onComplete implementing ContributionUploadProgress)

    assert onComplete.isJavaAPieceOfShit();

This, of course, is trivial to fix with an IDE. Should be more fun with a dynamic language :)

(And yes, I removed that code before committing)