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Paying for IRCCloud

I’ve started paying for IRCCloud.

It is the first ‘service’ I am paying for as a subscriber, I think. I’ve considered doing that for a long time, but ‘paying for IRC’ just felt… odd. I’ve been using ZNC + LimeChat. It’s decent, but sucks on Mobile. Keeping a socket open all the time on a phone just kills the battery, plus the UX on most Android clients sucks.

So after seeing Sam Smith use IRCCloud during Wikimania, I made the plunge and paid for IRCCloud. It is still connecting to my bouncer, so I have logs under my control. It also has a very usable Android client, and syncs ‘read’ status across devices, and is quite fast.

Convenience and UX won over ‘Free Software’ this time.

“Write once, attempt to debug everywhere”

“Write once, attempt to debug everywhere” is probably way more accurate than “Write once, run anywhere” – at least for GUI apps. There’s something rather special about ideas that are theoretically amazingly wonderful yet end up being a major pain in the butt when you try to put them in practice, isn’t it?

The older Wikipedia App happened to be in PhoneGap, and I consider it one of my biggest blunders to not have torn it down on day 0 and rewritten it in something saner. I once started writing a blog post for the Wikimedia Blog about why we switched from PhoneGap to native apps, but it was killed for having too much profanity in it :) Someday, perhaps.

PHP being insane, part 5832

Somehow: ( $a && $b ) || ( $b && $c ) || ( $a && $c )

Became: $a ? ( $b || $c ) : ( $b && $c )

Became: count( array_filter( array( $a, $b, $c ) ) ) >= 2

Became: "$a$b$c" > 1

God dammit PHP…

(from discussion among me, ^d, ori-l, bd808 and anomie on #mediawiki-core about how to represent ‘if at least 2 of three conditions are true’)

DevLog for Sun, Aug 25, 2013

DevLogs have been something I’ve not been writing much of of late. Time to fix that!

WLM Android App

Spent some time reviving the WLM Android App. Wasn’t too hard, and am surprised at how well it still runs :) Some work still needed to update the templates and other metadata to refer to WLM2013 rather than WLM2012 – but that should not be too hard. The fact that it is an issue at all is simply because I ripped out all the Campaign related APIs a few weeks ago with my UploadCampaign rewrite.

multichill was awesome in moving the Monuments API to Tool Labs – hence making it much faster! Initially we thought that the Toollabs DB was too slow for writes – but this turned out to be a mistake, since apparently the Replica Databases had slow writes, but tools-db itself was fine. There’s a bug tracking this now. Toollabs version of the API still seems much faster to me than Toolserver’s :)

UploadCampaigns API

Mediawiki sucks. Eeeew! Specifically, writing API modules – why can’t we just be happy and have everything be JSON? Sigh!

I’m adding a patch that allows UploadCampaigns to be queried selectively, rather than just via the normal page APIs. Right now, this only lets us filter by enabled status – but in the future, this should be able to also filter on a vast array of other properties. Properties about Geographic location come to mind as the most useful. That patch still has a good way to go before it can be merged (continue support being the foremost one), but it is getting there :)

The ickiest part of the patch is perhaps that it sends out raw JSON data as a… string. So no matter which format you are using on your client, you need to use a JSON parser to deal with the Campaigns data. This sortof makes sense, since that is how the data is stored anyway. Doesn’t make it any less icky, though!

Not bad for a lazy Sunday, eh?

Update: After not being able to sleep, I also submitted a patch to make phpcs pass for UploadWizard, and also fought with the UploadCampaigns API patch to have it (brokenly?) support continuing. Yay?

Die ’80 cols or die!’ guidelines!

Python’s PEP8 has just been changed to no longer recommend sticking to 79 columns! The new text says:

Aim to limit all lines to a maximum of 79 characters, but up to 99 characters is acceptable when it improves readability.

It would be nice to not have any such set limits at all, and just depend on programmers not being insane, but this is still an improvement!

Sprinkling some Douchebaginess in code

After being frustrated at Java’s lack of a generic ‘callback’ type, I created this interface:

    public interface ContributionUploadProgress {
        void onUploadStarted(Contribution contribution);
        boolean isJavaAPieceOfShit();

And randomly throw around (with onComplete implementing ContributionUploadProgress)

    assert onComplete.isJavaAPieceOfShit();

This, of course, is trivial to fix with an IDE. Should be more fun with a dynamic language :)

(And yes, I removed that code before committing)

Game of Life in APL

Ran across a video explaining building Game of Life in APL. Pretty awesome, and surprisingly – quite understandable too!

I should learn J at some point, I think. My problem with trying to learn such languages is that I find it hard to find something to build that’s not a mere academic exercise, and I still do not have a solution as such. Just ‘try harder’ doesn’t really work. Perhaps invent some sort of wonderful number crunching idea and then implement it?